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New Release
Snags and Sawyers: 2000 Miles Down the Arkansas River

Three young men.
Two cedar canoes.
Two untamed rivers.

A journey over 2000 miles.

No one had done it. Could they?

Follow Johnny, Dick, and Jerry from Pueblo, Colorado to New Orleans, Louisiana as they face flood and drought, snakes and sunburn, snags and sawyers on their epic trip down the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans in 1949. Based on diary entries, letters, and newspaper articles from 1949, theirs is a story of the greatest generation in the years after the war, when the America was full of promise and nothing seemed impossible.


Product Information: From Brick to Bread: Building a Backyard Oven

-- The first book in our new line of Can-Do Adventures, a series of everyday adventures in living with tips for anyone who wants to come along. These books celebrate the independent spirit and the desire to try it out. Can-Do Adventures are for all of us who like to do things our own way just because we can.