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Ebony sea: Origins


This collection of short stories includes all six of the released Origins stories. Some of them are expanded to include material smoothing the transitions into the larger and forthcoming Ebony Sea series. Also included is a bonus story, "Crukavi." $10.00 plus shipping and tax.







What haunts your dreams? A chill on a dark night? A warm presence in the corner? Whether your ghosts are friendly or foul, there's something in here to make you think twice. In these thirteen tales, you'll find ghosts and spirits of every kind—from the eerie to the mundane, from the helpful to the truly evil. Eight different authors offer their own unique perspectives on how, and why, those who have gone before come back. With simple black and white illustrations, these stories will take you on a romp through worlds where hauntings come true. $10.00 plus shipping and tax.



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Join the back to basics movement. You too can make bread from scratch, starting from the ground up with a wood-fired oven in your own yard. See what it takes to enjoy a wood-fired brick oven - how to build it and how to use it - with this hands-on project for wholesome living. This book provides a fully illustrated step-by-step guide to building a brick oven. 88 pages, full color. $12.00 plus shipping and tax.







Three young men. Two cedar canoes. Two untamed rivers. A journey over 2000 miles. No one had done it. Could they? Follow Johnny, Dick, and Jerry from Pueblo, Colorado to New Orleans, Louisiana as they face flood and drought, snakes and sunburn, snags and sawyers on their epic trip down the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans in 1949. Based on diary entries, letters, and newspaper articles from 1949, theirs is a story of the greatest generation in the years after the war, when the America was full of promise and nothing seemed impossible. "Some guys spend all their life dreaming," John Evert claimed as he talked about canoeing the Arkansas River. "We decided to do something." That something was a two-month long journey over 2000 miles by river. Read about their adventure in this 134 page book, illustrated with dozens of black and white period photos. $12.00 plus shipping and tax.






Five year old Davy loves Mom, Daddy, Grandma, Auntie Pickles and Uncle Mark. But most of all he loves Jesus.In these ten stories, Davy and his friends discover how Jesus guides their daily lives. In each story Davy discovers another important lesson.

Davy’s Days gives children of all ages the opportunity to learn about Jesus and His love. $15.00 plus shipping and tax.







Meg Kelly doesn’t expect any handouts, but she wouldn’t mind a bit of luck. It’s been one bad break after another since Da died in the Civil War. Now homeless and orphaned, Meg has nothing left to lose—except her little brother, Mole. With no one to turn to and no place else to go, Meg makes a desperate choice. Together, she and Mole head west on an orphan train, hoping against all odds to find a home. $10.00 plus shipping and tax.



661 E Howard St


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