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Kayla Fayerweather recently graduated from Winona State University with a B.A. in studio art and minors in art history, arts administration, and English. She currently lives in Utah, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Kayla is an aspiring artist and illustrator who loves working with traditional media including pencil, ink, and watercolor. Her other hobbies include reading, exercising, horseback riding, playing games, and hanging out with her cat, Rocky.

David R Greyson is a martial art instructor who claims his hometown is Marion, Ohio. Besides writing and martial arts, he spends his free time pursuing his other passions- photography, sightseeing, and anything that relates to the great outdoors, such as cross-country hiking and kayaking. Having spent more than a decade living in England, he explores as much of Britain as he can. He currently resides in Taunton, Somerset with his faithful dog, Kuro.

Hannah Jones grew up in Eagan, Minnesota. She spent her childhood hating ghost stories. Eventually, however, she came to love them. After graduating from Winona State University with a degree in English and a minor in Chinese, she hopes to go into journalism. Both her articles and her short stories have been published in the Winona Daily News. When she's not writing, she's usually reading, drawing, cooking, or jogging.

Teacher, writer, editor, Terri Evert Karsten divides her free time between writing books, baking bread and chasing the outdoor life. Terri has been published in Highlights for Children, An Encyclopedia of Women's History and Rattlesnake Valley Sampler along with two books, From Brick to Bread: Building a backyard overn and Snags and Sawyers: 2000 Miles Down the Arkansas River. Her story, Who's Afraid of the Dark, was originally published in French under the title Qui a Peur de l'ombre? in Bifurcations. This translation was first published in the Winona Daily News. Look for Terri on Facebook, or on the Wagonbridge Publishing Website:

Sean Krage has been writing short stories and poems casually for three years. This is his first publised piece. He is currently enrolled at WSU majoring in Theatre and minoring in Creative Writing. For inspiration for both the stage and fiction, Sean listens to a variety of musicians, such as Max Richter and David Helpling, and watches as many movies as he has time for.

Marc Meiner was born in Western Wisconsin, where he lives today with his wife, Linda, and Bichon, Stitches. By day he is the producer of the morning show, LaCrosse Talk, on 1410-WIZM.

Paul Maitrejean grew up in rural Wisconsin, listening to local legend and lore. He published Devil's Creek as an ebook in 2011. He currently lives near Tomah, Wisconsin with his wife and three children.

Through the eyes of N. R. Mehlhoff, stories are an exploration of life and life is nothing but art. A young man trying his hand in every major creative writing form, Mehlhoff most recently set out to walk 2,500 miles across the U.S. in an attempt to tell a story while telling others' stories. The adventure came to an early halt and is prolonged, but he succeeded in telling a story via blogging and hopes to one day set out again. At this time, he works on a ranch in Colorado writing away, turning ink into a story. You can read Mehlhoff's story of travel on foot at

John Michaels is a long time resident of Winona, Minnesota. While he dabbles in everything, he is expert at nothing. A Night of Storm and Shadow is his first published writing.

Jordan Elizabeth Mierek is published in Short Story Me, Danse Macabre, Bewildering Stories, Writing Raw, Dark and Dreary Magazine, Storyhouse, the Magical Library, RiverSedge, and AboutTeens. Her work has won awards in The XPress and Utica Writers Club, and she writes for New Hartford Life magazine. She is the current president of the Utica Writers Club and has her Bachelor's degree in elementary education. Other stories are available on her WattPad page,, and she keeps a blog about books, writing, and life (because hey, books and writing are her life) at When not conjuring short stories or nonfiction articles, Jordan enjoys penning novels, and is represented by the Belcastro Agency. Look for Jordan on Facebook – she would love to hear what you think of her stories!

Jeremy Mortis has been writing for several years. Simon and the ghost is his first published work. He is a member of the Utica Writers Club and has done a little bit of everything, from playing a mall Santa at Christmas to being a hospital cook. Look for Jeremy on Facebook.

Linda Meier, also known as Auntie Pickles, started writing children’s stories in the 1990's. She met her current husband, Mark, at an awards banquet. They married three years later and now live in Onalaska, Wisconsin, with their cute puppy, Stitches.