When Luck Runs Out

 Meg Kelly doesn’t expect any handouts, but she wouldn’t mind a bit of luck. It’s been one bad break after another since Da died in the Civil War. Now homeless and orphaned, Meg has nothing left to lose—except her little brother, Mole. With no one to turn to and no place else to go, Meg makes a desperate choice. Together, she and Mole head west on an orphan train, hoping against all odds to find a home. $10.00 plus shipping and tax. 

When Luck Runs Out: A Teacher's Guide

This  teacher’s guide  accompanies  When Luck Runs Out,  the story of Meg Kelly, an orphan in New York City in 1869, as she faces life on the streets, traveling west on an ‘orphan train’, and the challenges of a new family.

This guide includes an introduction to the novel, pre- and post-reading activities, and assessments.